3 Things to Look for When You Choose a Rubbish Chute Cleaner

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3 Things to Look for When You Choose a Rubbish Chute Cleaner

If you're looking for a new contractor to clean your building's rubbish chutes, then you need a company that can do more than just clean the chutes out periodically. Some companies offer additional services which you'll also find useful. What are they?

1. Deodorisation Solutions

A rubbish chute stops smelling nasty after cleaning; however, this won't last for long. As soon as people start using the chute after a clean, it will start to smell again. Residue sticks to its surfaces and smells come up from your garbage storage room.

Some chute cleaning companies also offer deodorising services. This may be part of their general cleaning and sanitisation process, or it may involve installing additional products.

For example, some contractors recommend a deodorisation system that sits in the chute itself and works like an air freshener. Others use disposable deodorising mats. These mats are placed at each entrance point on the chute. You usually replace them after each clean.

Whatever solution a contractor uses, ongoing deodorisation is a good thing to have. It masks the smells that will build up between deep cleans so that the areas around chute doors stay as pleasant as possible for the building occupants.

2. Garbage Room Services

Your rubbish chutes are only one part of your garbage disposal system. They hook up to a compactor or bin system that holds all the rubbish people throw down the chutes.

While you clean your chutes periodically, you may not pay as much attention to compactors and bins. These receptacles will smell. Bags will burst as they go down the chute and leave debris and rubbish juices in these storage areas. Eventually, these smells can get bad enough to travel back up the system. So, even if you clean your chutes out regularly, they may carry smells through your building from below.

Some contractors will also deep-clean these areas. This is a useful service because it ensures that your system smells as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

3. Quick Emergency Response Times

There will be times when you might need extra help with your rubbish chutes outside of your scheduled cleans. Problems with blockages, compactors and chute damage back up your system and, sometimes, shut it down. So, it's a good idea to pick a contractor who offers a fast response in emergency situations.

To find out more about your options, contact a rubbish chutes contractor in your area.

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