Two Reasons to Clean Your New House’s Carpets Before Moving Into It

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Two Reasons to Clean Your New House’s Carpets Before Moving Into It

If you've purchased a house with carpets and you have not yet moved into the property, you should call up a business that provides carpet cleaning services and get the house's carpets cleaned. Here are some reasons why.

You’ll Find It Easier to Postpone Replacing the Carpets​

When you buy a house, it's normal to want to redecorate it. However, if you've stretched yourself financially to buy the property, then taking on a full redecoration project might be a bit too expensive right now, in which case you might decide to make do with the house's current décor, including its carpets, for a year or two. However, if you set up your furniture and other items in the house without washing the existing carpets, the sight of your belongings sitting on top of these stained and unattractive carpets might make you impulsively decide to get new carpets, even though that's not the wisest decision.

As such, if the carpets in the house are not threadbare but have all of the other hallmarks of being in used condition (such as stains, odours, etc.) and you're hesitant to replace them right now due to how much this would cost, having someone use commercial products and carpet washing equipment on them could be worthwhile. For a small fraction of the cost of buying new carpeting, a carpet cleaning service will transform the carpets' condition, which could, in turn, help you to tolerate the carpets for a bit longer whilst you're rebuilding your savings.

For example, the removal of the carpet's stains by the carpet cleaning machines will not only make them look less old and unclean but will also make their colouring look more even (as stains can often discolour carpet fibres and give a carpet's colouring a patchy look) and make them smell fresh.

The Carpets Will Be Washed More Thoroughly if the House Is Empty When the Cleaning Happens​

If you use this service before you've put your possessions in the house, the carpet cleaning professionals will be better able to wash the carpets thoroughly. The reason for this is that if, for example, you book them for four hours and they have to spend a total of 30 minutes of this time moving your wardrobes, chairs or sofas out of the way so they can wash the carpets under them, they won't have as much time to treat the carpets with stain removal chemicals or to use their equipment to scrub the carpet fibres, as they would if the house was empty.

As such, if you use this service before you have your belongings put into the house, not only will you not have to be concerned about the smelly carpets imparting odours onto the items you place on top of them, but you'll also know that the carpets are as clean as they can possibly be. 

For more information, contact a local carpet cleaning company. 

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