Medical Cleaning Services: An Introduction

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Medical Cleaning Services: An Introduction

Keeping clinical environments clean is a key priority for any healthcare provider. In order to keep the building running, there are a variety of jobs that need to be completed. One of these jobs is hospital janitorial services, which help maintain a clean environment for patients and staff alike.

These cleaning professionals have several duties: cleaning waiting areas, wiping up spills, disposing of medical waste and disinfecting treatment rooms. Read on to find out more.

Cleaning waiting areas

Hospital waiting areas are large rooms filled with seats and desks. These rooms typically have a lot of traffic from patients and visitors to nurses running from one place to another. In order to maintain a clean, welcoming environment, these areas need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Cleaning services will wait until the waiting room is less busy before sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping down seats and emptying the bins.

COVID infection control

The cleaning service will periodically wipe down high touch areas such as door handles, reception desks, computer keyboards, handrails and elevator control panels with a disinfectant solution. This will also help limit the spread of COVID within the clinical environment.

Cleaning spills

Patients may also get sick while in the hospital, and this can lead to bodily fluids such as blood and urine being deposited on the floor. This is where hospital janitorial services come in handy because they know how to clean up any mess so staff members can focus on taking care of the patient. Also, cleaning spills helps prevent infections from spreading throughout a hospital due to bacteria existing on the floor where the spill was made.

Disposing of medical waste

Medical waste needs to be taken care of properly. Medical waste means any item that has been used to help care for patients or clean any part of the building. These can include needles, syringes, cotton balls, tissues, alcohol swabs and bandages. All of these items need to be disposed of safely so they do not harm anyone else who may have touched them or inhaled any airborne bacteria. Hospital janitorial services know how to dispose of various types of medical waste in a safe and controlled way that protects both patients and staff at the hospital.

If you would like to find out more, contact a medical cleaning service today. A contractor will be happy to discuss how they can help you.

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