Why you need your office cleaning service to clean your desk

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Why you need your office cleaning service to clean your desk

Keeping your office clean is a priority for any business, and you probably already know the value of hiring a professional cleaning service. But although you may see the point of cleaning the floors, kitchen and bathroom, you may not realise that your own desk area will need regular cleaning. Here's why.

The desk itself

You may not think that a desk could harbour much in the way of germs and bacteria. After all, you don't do anything unhygienic on it. But in fact, your desk surface will need regular cleaning as much as anywhere else. Even when left alone, it will soon build up a coating of dust. And do you really know what gets placed on it? From deliveries and personal belongings to bags and even people sneezing or coughing nearby, there are many ways in which harmful bacteria can find their way onto your desk. Make sure it is cleaned twice a week, preferably with anti-bacterial wipes.

The phone

The phone is another area that can quickly become home to bacteria. It is handled regularly, possibly by many different people, and any germs that are transmitted to its surface can then be spread to your mouth as you answer it. Make sure that it is cleaned at least weekly in order to keep it as hygienic as possible.


Many people bring their tea or coffee to their desk. As well as leading to spillages or stains, this can cause a problem as the mugs aren't always washed as often as they should be, and the kitchen area itself may not be spotlessly clean. Make sure your mugs, and your kitchen, are regularly cleaned to avoid the build-up of moulds or bacteria.


Nowadays keyboards are in almost constant use and often by several different people, but they don't receive the amount of cleaning they should get. As well as being a target for small particles of food and drink, they can also attract bacteria through your fingers or through careless sneezing and coughing. If you eat while working, you are giving the bacteria the ideal route from the keyboard to your mouth. Make sure your keyboard is cleaned at least once a week to avoid the risk of spreading disease.

Your office cleaning service will be happy to include desk cleaning in its regular routine — just talk to them about your needs. To learn more about office cleaning, speak to professionals. 

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