Three steps to find the right commercial cleaning supplies

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Three steps to find the right commercial cleaning supplies

It's a simple fact that every surface will eventually become dirty and need to be cleaned. Whether you have an office, a factory, or a retail outlet, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all your staff and visitors. To keep your premises clean you must rely on obtaining the right commercial cleaning supplies, but how can you work out which supplies to purchase? Here are three things that you must bear in mind when shopping for cleaning supplies.

What surfaces are you cleaning?

Not every cleaning product is ideal for every type of surface. While some materials may benefit from the use of an abrasive cleaner, there will be plenty of more delicate surfaces that could easily become scratched or scarred by such a cleaner. Another point which you will need to consider when cleaning easily marked surfaces is the pH of the commercial cleaning supplies. Employing a cleaning product with either a low or a high pH could start to etch the surface over time, leading to it needing to be replaced.   

How will the cleaning product be used?

It's important that you don't assume that you understand how a particular cleaning product works. Take the time to read the instructions and even the full specifications sheet before you use it for the first time. Commercial cleaning supplies could be intended to be used neat or to be diluted with water. In some cases the way you use the product could vary depending on the surface on which it will be used. Remember there is a difference between a 'multi-purpose cleaner' and an 'all-purpose cleaner'. If you have any concerns, your supplier may be able to advise you on how the product is generally applied and where it is most frequently used.

What supplies do you need?

While cleaning products are the most obvious cleaning supplies, it is important not to forget about the other commercial cleaning supplies that you will need. These supplies might include microfibre cloths to remove dust, sponges, mops and buckets and even gloves to protect the hands of the cleaners from the chemicals that they will be using. You should also consider products such as entry walk-off mats which can prevent dust and dirt being tracked into the property and make your cleaner's job much harder.

To find out which commercial cleaning supplies could be right for your company, talk to your supply company today.

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