Two Hygiene Tips for People Who Intend to Teach Aerobics Classes in Their Homes

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Two Hygiene Tips for People Who Intend to Teach Aerobics Classes in Their Homes

If you're a qualified aerobics teacher and you would like to teach aerobics in your own home, you should take note of these hygiene-related tips.

Start having the carpet in your teaching room steam-cleaned frequently

Carpeting is the ideal form of flooring for a room where people will be doing aerobics, as this padded material makes it less painful for people to do exercises that involve kneeling. Furthermore, because carpeting will yield when a person's feet land on it, it can make aerobic exercises that involve jumping less taxing on their joints.

However, if you have (or will be fitting) carpeting in the room where you'll be teaching your classes, you must be prepared to have it sanitised frequently. The reason for this is as follows; doing aerobic exercise makes people sweat a lot. It is safe to assume that at least some of the sweat that your students produce during your classes will land on your carpets. This, in combination with whatever dirt is on their trainers and their hands (as they may place their hands on the floor during certain exercises), will mean your carpet will be in an unsanitary state by the end of each day (especially if you teach multiple classes per day).

The most effective way to rid a carpet of the bacteria, mould and viruses that will be left behind on it after dozens of people exercise on it is to have it steam-cleaned by a cleaning company that specialises in carpet steam cleaning. This cleaning method utilises the high heat of steam to sterilise carpeting materials. You can ask your local carpet cleaning company if they offer carpet steam cleaning services.

The great thing about using a steam-cleaning service like this (aside from the fact that you will know that your carpets are truly sanitary) is that you won't have to have any strong-smelling cleaning products applied to the floors, which your students might find unpleasantly overpowering or which might trigger their allergies.

Keep the bathroom your students will have access to immaculately clean

In addition to having a cleaning company frequently steam clean the carpets, you must also prioritise the sanitisation of the bathroom to which your students will have access. This, too, will become a pathogen hot-spot on the days when you teach your classes, due to the fact that your class attendees will need to use these facilities whilst they have sweat and grime on their skin.

To ensure that every group of people who takes one of your classes has access to a clean bathroom, you will need to sanitise this space in between each class that you teach. You should always keep a bottle of disinfectant and some clean cloths in this room so that you have the items you need to sanitise the most frequently-touched surfaces (i.e. the tap handles, the toilet flush handle, the toilet seat, etc.) within easy reach at all times.

If you start teaching more than two or three classes a day, it might be more practical to have the bathroom cleaned by one of your local cleaners each day; this would allow you to sit down and re-energise yourself in between classes, instead of having to expend even more energy during these brief breaks.

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