3 Ways Professionals Remove Asbestos from Your Bathroom

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3 Ways Professionals Remove Asbestos from Your Bathroom

Most Australian buildings built between the 1940s and 1980s feature asbestos as one of the building materials. The reason why asbestos was widely used is that it is durable, fire-resistant, and one of the best water-proof materials, making it the best material for your walls and floor of your bathrooms. 

However, the biggest challenge with asbestos is that it has been associated with causing cancer and other illnesses. And so, removing it requires a professional contractor to enhance efficiency. Professionals are armed with the right tools and gear for the job. They will professionally inspect all the areas with asbestos and use any of the following strategies to remove asbestos from your bathroom.

Dry Removal Method

Suppose the contractor inspects your bathroom that has asbestos and realises that it has live wires or some construction materials are good electricity conductors. In that case, they will probably use the dry removal method to remove the asbestos in the bathrooms. That will enable them to remove the asbestos appropriately without the risk of electrocution, which will prevent serious injuries or even death.  

The contractor might also use the strategy if the bathroom doesn't have adequate working space.

Water Injection and Saturation

Depending on the thickness of the asbestos in your bathroom, your contractor might use water injection and saturation procedure to remove them. In this process, the contractor will soak the asbestos with water using special equipment with a water inlet and outlet. Then, they will inject water and remove the asbestos.

After removing the asbestos, the contractor will dispose of them and the injector that came into contact with the asbestos. Asbestos contains harmful substances and might have been trapped in the kit when removing it.

Wet Removal Method

The wet removal method is probably the method your contractor might prefer over the two other methods above. The procedure is safer because it prevents the fibres from contaminating the air. Besides, there will be less or no dust when the contractor removes the asbestos because the water used here is applied with very little pressure.

Before removing the asbestos, your contractor will pour water on the asbestos under low pressure. They might also use a detergent to improve the absorption of water, and that might keep the asbestos wet until the contractor finishes the removal process.

Regardless of why you would like to remove the asbestos in your bathroom, you should not remove them yourself. If you don't have the skills, tools, and gear for the job, you might inhale harmful substances that might damage your respiratory system. It is advisable to leave the removal job to skilled and authorised professionals because they have the right skills and tools.

Reach out to a local asbestos removal service to learn more about the topic.

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