Two Tips to Follow If You've Just Hired an Office Cleaner

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Two Tips to Follow If You've Just Hired an Office Cleaner

Here are two tips to follow if you've just hired an office cleaning service. 

1. Let them know if there are dates on which you have important clients visiting the office

On the dates on which you'll be expecting important clients that you need to impress, you should give the office cleaner advance notice of these clients' arrival. The reason for this is as follows; whilst if you use this person's office cleaning services regularly, you will never need to worry about your office looking messy when clients visit, warning the cleaner about the arrival of these clients could enable them to help you impress these people.

If for example, you mention the impending arrival of an important client to the cleaner the day before that person is due to arrive, they can allot extra time to cleaning the areas the client will be using and slightly less time to cleaning the other areas. They could, for instance, spend a few extra minutes polishing the conference desk with a fragrant polish to make it as shiny and beautiful-smelling as possible, ensure that every leaf on the indoor plants are dust-free, and check that there isn't a single smudge on the windows in this room. These little details will give the meeting room a more sophisticated, professional air and get your meeting with these important clients off to a great start.

2. Set up a cleaning cupboard on each floor of the office

If your office is spread over several floors, you should set up a cleaning cupboard on each floor. The reason for this is as follows; doing this will mean the office cleaner won't have to travel from floor to floor, via the lift, with a mop and bucket, as well as a container full of cleaning products. This will not only make their shifts less tiring for them but will allow them to move from floor to floor more quickly, as they won't have to drag all of these heavy things with them. This, in turn, will help them to clean the premises efficiently.

Having a cupboard full of cleaning products on each floor will also mean that if the cleaner forgets a product (like a bottle of floor cleaner), they won't have to go back to the previous floor to get this item but can instead use the bottle that's in the cupboard on their current floor.

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