Why Ask Commercial Cleaning Contractors to Maintain Your Lawns?

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Why Ask Commercial Cleaning Contractors to Maintain Your Lawns?

In fairness, not all businesses premises have lawns that need to be maintained. Those that do will usually have a patch of grass or two outside the front of the corporate headquarters along with some shrubs. Alternatively, they might just have lawned areas that demarcate different parts of their car park. However your firm's lawns are arranged, they need to be maintained. Hiring a commercial gardening firm or relying on a member of staff to do the necessary work might be one way of dealing with the issue of growing grass and unkempt borders, but asking your cleaning contractors to care of your lawns is often preferable. Why turn to professional cleaners for commercial lawn services? Read on to find out.

Personnel On-Site Already

You get an economy of scale by using just one contractor to provide your internal cleaning as well as your commercial lawn services. Most gardening contractors don't do cleaning work, but many cleaning firms will also provide lawn maintenance services. Ask your current contractor or find a cleaning firm that does both. Because much of the cost involved with both cleaning and lawn maintenance is tied up with getting people to the site to actually do the work, you are better off appointing a firm to do both sets of work while they are present. With the right operatives at your site, both types of service should be provided for you cheaper than they would be if you used two separate contractors.

Expertise With Lawns and Exterior Maintenance

Bear in mind that cleaning firms that also provide commercial lawn services are often experts with both types of work. Indeed, this will mean you get much more than a quick mow of the lawn every month or so, but dead vegetation removal, shrub pruning, new planting in the summer months and an array of other gardening services that will mean your business premises look good at any time of the year. This should even be the case in the autumn and winter when your lawns need little to maintain them other than to sweep up fallen leaves.

Improved Results

Today, commercial lawn services should not just be about maintenance. Trimming, edging and mowing are all important, of course. However, you should also expect the topsoil to be scarified once or twice a year to keep on top of moss and weeds. Lawn watering in the summer and soil improvement with lawn feed products should also be available so your grass looks healthy and vibrant at all times.

Contact a commercial lawn service to learn more.

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